About Tilt


Esports Tilt provides a web based platform that allows gamers of popular titles to organise, customise, manage and participate in esports tournaments.

Tilt differentiates itself from other platforms by providing unique and novel features. Key features of the platform include: Skill Restrictions, Handicapping, Prize Distribution, Tournament Scheduling, Custom Rules, Creator Remuneration, Tournament Participation, Creator Rating and High Score Tournaments.


Tournament Creation

Tilt provides a tournament creation wizard that allows players to easily create eSports tournaments. The wizard is linear and easy to complete. All Tilt tournaments are designed to be fully automated with no need to actively manage the tournament. Once a tournament is created, a strict set of rules and algorithms manage the tournament, process the results and pay the relevant parties using PayPal. Tournaments can also be created without entry fees and prize money for users who are just seeking access to the platform’s flexible tournament functionality.

Skill Restrictions

Tilt has developed a proprietary method to restrict tournaments to a specific skill level. This is based on internal game specific ranking systems. The tournament creator is able to specify a skill range to restrict the tournament entry. This is a unique feature that enables weaker players to restrict players of higher skill levels.


Similar to skill restriction, Tilt has developed its own proprietary handicapping system. The handicapping system attempts to give each participant/team a fair probability of winning. This is another unique feature of Tilt and gives novice players the opportunity to more fairly compete against skilled players, while also creating the possibility of winning.

Prize Distribution

Unlike other platforms, Tilt focuses on prize money. The wizard has a flexible prize distribution which allows participants to be awarded prizes for placement and numerous other in-game statistics. These prizes are only in the form of cash and can be proportioned however the user wants. This is a completely unique feature.


Tournament Scheduling

Tilt has a schedule generator. A match schedule is automatically generated which ensures that the matches are played efficiently. It also removes the complication of the creator having to develop a schedule and allows tournaments to be created quickly and easily. The creator can always edit the produced schedule. The match automation schedule is also a unique feature of Tilt.

Custom Rules

Tilt offers custom rules that a creator may add to make the tournament more interesting. These rules are automatically checked and implemented when processing the results. This is a unique feature of Tilt and allows the tournaments to deviate from the standard formats.


Creator Remuneration

Tilt allows three avenues of tournament creation: Hosted, Administered and Promoted Tournaments. Hosted tournaments have limited responsibility and do not earn remuneration. Administered tournaments have increased responsibility and receive an administration fee. Promoted Tournaments involve a financial responsibility to the tournament and the promoter is allowed to specify the percentage fee that they wish to earn.

Tournament Participation

Tournaments may either be open (joinable by any user) or closed (only joinable by invite).

Creator Rating

Once a tournament is complete, participants have the opportunity to rate the creator. The rating database is a means for other players to reference which tournaments they should participate in.


High Score Tournaments (Challenges)

High score tournaments are the most important part of Tilt and are currently not offered by any other platform. Tournaments of different forms will be created with the objective of participants reaching a maximum of some predefined statistic. Participants are not restricted to play at a specific time but over an extended period. These tournament reduce the latency effects by not being restricted to specific servers. Tournaments are not be limited to regions and the international community can participate making for a massive prize pool. The tournaments run over a set period of time (e.g. one month) and whoever has the highest score at the end of the tournament will win the prize pool. The tournament allows everyone to participate and fund a large prize pool from a large collection of small entry fees.