Challenges 101


What are Challenges?

Challenges are unstructured tournaments that have no fixed schedule. Players complete to maximize an objective.


Game: League of Legends

Objective: Most Champion Kills

The player who kills the most Champions will win the Challenge.

So what do I do?

Register for the Challenge and just play as you usually do. There are no specific times or opponents and all your match statistics are recorded automatically. Do your best to maximize the objective. You can track your performance on the Challenge Leaderboard.

Why do we love Challenges?

Challenges can be competed on an international level. Since there is no specific opposition lag effects do not restrict the competition to regions. This means more teams can participate, allowing smaller entry fees for larger prize pools.

How long does a Challenge last?

A Challenge generally lasts for 1 months but it can vary depending on the type of Challenge. The duration of the Challenge is displayed on the Challenge page.

When can I join a Challenge?

You can join a Challenge at any time but your achieved objective will only count from the time you join the tournament. So if you want a competitive score you should join the Challenge as soon as it starts.